Identity Fraud Risk

Calculate your identity fraud risk and see how to reduce it

How you bank, where your post is delivered to, the information you post online – all these things can make you more vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. Calculate your risk level now with our quiz, and see if you could reduce it with a few simple steps.

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Facts about Fraud


Fraud rates have risen by 20% in the last year.
Source: Experian Fraud Report 2016

Current accounts

are the fastest growing target for identity thieves.
Source: Experian Fraud Report 2016


It can take a victim over 200 hours to sort out their lives and clear their names in extreme cases of ID fraud.
Source: Cifas 2015


are almost twice as likely to be victims of ID theft than women.
Source: Experian Fraud Report 2016

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Experian customers say...

"I'm very grateful to have a service which gives me security and peace of mind if anyone stole my identity."
Wendy, Glasgow

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